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Greetings from Knoxville and thank you for stopping in! We welcome you here on our site.
I will begin by telling you a little about us and our “Down Home Design” Market, here in Knoxville, along with some of our upcoming plans and goals, both, in our community and here on this awesome “Locally Grown” site.
My name is Kathy. I am a Registered Nurse of 18 years. I have 3 young adult sons, A wonderful 3 y/o grandson, and 2 precious doggies! I developed Lung Cancer in 2006 so, I do not work as a Nurse full time now.I am blessed to be healed by my Lord Jesus Christ and so thank Him!I have always been a domestic -type person and always have, and still do, love to create hand-crafted quality items. I love to sew and create. I used to sew/design all of my uniform tops. I love to see things put to use and not wasted. I really enjoy saving money (and shop for a bargain) and to read and learn more about frugal living —without sacrificing quality.

My partner’s name is “Boo”. Boo worked as a cosmetologist for 28 years—designs. She has several years experience with specializing in “cuts”.She has a passion for woodworking designs . Amazingly, her work is hand-crafted without even a pattern! Her inspiration ,imagination, and hard work serve as her pattern for all of her projects! Boo lives much more more frugal than me—-she practices it faithfully! I have learned a great deal from her and continue to learn! Boo is very creative and can make most anything. This is a talent that she has and she is very open and willing to work with you on any type of wood project that you have —rather it be large or small.

We hope to offer you hand-crafted items in an array of pieces and designs . Our goal is to hand-craft top quality reasonablly-priced decor and pieces that you will be proud to display or give as gifts! We are available for custom orders as well. Feel free to call, email, or talk to us during Thursday’s delivery. That would be great! We will be offering healthy and tasty dog treats for your canine friend soon. Check out the market often as new items will be displayed frequently. Plan to also see outdoor and indoor hand crafted wood items by Boo, Hand-made aprons, pot holders and other home decor. Fresh home-baked items may be a possibility at some time as well-and custom orders could also be accepted for these crowd-pleasing treats as well. It has been great sharing our “stories” and our aspirations for our design line market with you . We welcome you and please feel free to look in often.
Have a great week,

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